A partnership for culture


The inauguration of ”Intercultural Victoria Workshop” from Slatina, project implemented by Slatina Municipality in partnership with Evris Foundation SES from Iceland financed though EEA Grants took place from 16th to 20th of august, 2016.

The project has been promoted in partnership with Evris Foundation SES from Iceland, represented by Mrs. Anna Margret Gudjonsdottir and its objective was not only the rehabilitation of a historical monument building but also adding value to the construction architecturaly speaching and introducing it to the cultural circle.

The opening event of the finalization of the project took place for four days from 16 to 20th of august, days full of events and cultural experiences. The partner form the foundation expressed the pleasure for the results of the project and of the colaboration with Slatina Municipality.

On the 16th of august, in the photographic exhibition day called ”Slatina , our Home”, Mrs Anna Margret Gudjonsdottir, director and co-founder of Evris Foundation said a welcome speech toghether with Slatina Municipality Mayor , Mr Constantin-Stelian-Emil Mot.

”Im so pleased to be here toghether with my team of two experts and we hearty congratulate you for this beautiful building […] two years ago I found this building a ruin and now its an amaising building .We are looking forword for new challenges. Its an amaising building and the project has reached its objectives”.

On the 18th of august, took place the intercultural workshop, an event that gave the Evris Foundation experts the opportunity to share their previous projects experience. Mrs Anna Margret Gudjonsdottir toghether with the other two experts, dl. Thorgeir Olafsson și dna. Holmfridur Olafsdottir has presented the results of previous projects implemented by Evris Foundation and the results of expert Kristin Vilhjamsdottir regarding interculturalship.

The Evris Foundation experts took part at all the 5 days events including the ”Theme Ball” day.
On the ”Theme Ball” day, Mrs Anna Margret Gudjonsdottir spoke toghether with vicemayor Gigi Ernes Vâlceleanu and thanked Slatina Municipality and also its colaborators for succesfuly finalizing the project.

”I want to tell you that since Slatina Municipality has contacted me more than two years ago with an idea of a project and from my visit to Slatina from one and a half years ago since today it was a long way and has been a fantastic journey.
Since the three of us arrived last Tuesday have enjoyed and participated at different activities the photo exposition, the concert, the theatre play and today, has been a pleasure. But beside we have had a exceptional personalized program , we went to the country side of Slatina, and from the very first minute we have arrived we have enjoyed an excelptional hospitality and we thank you for that”.

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