Current status


Study visit in Iceland

The study visit experts from Slatina City Hall that arrived in Iceland were:

  • Cristiana Șerban – Project’s manager. Public manager with the following areas of expertise: know-how, transfer of information, international relations, international cooperation, and EU funds.
  • Daniela Moanță – public tenders expert with expertise in procedures needed to acquire services (including performers and artists)
  • Mirela Pătru – chief executive of the Public and Private Domain Administration, also in charge of cultural activities and events in Slatina

The objective of the project is to strengthen the bilateral relations for Romanian and donor states’ culture operators concerning the cultural heritage.

The objective of the study visit was to facilitate first contacts between the project promoter and representatives of cultural operators in Iceland.

The meetings’ schedule was as follows:

  1. Do not schedule too many activities in a short span of time, you won’t be able to finish in time
  2. Seek into the problems of the community and focus on what you can solve
  3. Treat people as a community do not treat them as groups
  4. Don’t be shy, be creative and bring the community in
  5. It is better to be under an umbrella that to stand alone in the rain (financial independence vs money from the local budget)
  6. To have the feeling of belonging you can adhere to a certain network, but be ready to comply with the rules, standards and activities


Stage of public tender for construction

On 12th of June 2015 we launched the construction public tender.

The aim of the public tender contract is to give back the functionality of the building Victoria by making repairs on the building as follows:

  • Hardening the bridging
  • Mending the cracks
  • Renewing the deteriorated masonry
  • Renewing the foundation
  • Making the seismic takeover action system
  • Renewing the rainwater retrieval system
  • Waterproofing basement walls
  • Renewing the rainwater retrieval system (gutters and downspouts), restoration the roof keepingthe same type ofroofingmaterial
  • Restoring and renewing the existingwoodenjoinery by restoration andreplacement ofdegradedkeeping theinitialmodel. Installationofinsulating glasspanels(20-25mm) onexistingframes
  • Restoring degraded finishing for all facadeswithplastercompatiblewiththe originalplasters. Restoringdecorativeelements(friezes and capitalsof columns), takingcasts andreconstructing of thoseelementswhichareseverely degraded.
  • Establishing anoccasionalaccess to thewatchtowerfromLipscani street aslookout. Remodelingsecondaryaccess fromLipscani street directly into thebasementsteps andrestoringrainwater drainagefrom the surface ofthe narrowcourtaccess.
  • Replacing theexistingroofingsheet.
  • Conservationand rehabilitation ofhorizontal profilesthat are appliedonthe balcony parapet.
  • Restoringinmetal of the staircaseconnectingthe groundfloorto the back of the building. Renewing thestaircaseconnectingtheground floor to the basementof the samepart of the building
  • Restoring thefinishing in the entrance hall(ceiling with simple decorative profiles, mosaicfloorswith the initialnameand the initial year – 1933)
  • Restoring the finishing in all locationswhere nointerventions on decoration and finishing elements are proposed
  • Full restorationof water,sewer and electrical network
  • Laying out access systemsfor disabledboth indoorsand outdoors
  • Rehabilitating and modernization ofthe buildinginvolvessound-absorbing treatment andintegrating asystem for transformingthe main hall (with seats / chairs)into amultipurposeroom for hostingvarious cultural eventsas an important partInterculturalWorkshop
  • Landscaping works
  • Equipment

Proposed tender value: 5.006.882,36 lei (no VAT included)

The procedure is currently at the stage of technical evaluation.


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