Project description


Victoria Intercultural Workshop


Slatina Municipality




EEA Grants
PA 16 / RO 12 – Preservation and revitalization of cultural and natural heritage
Application projects - large projects 

Total Value of the Project:

7,577,927.17 lei


7,254,170.32 lei

Own Contribution:

323,756.85 lei

Project Objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to protect and preserve cultural heritage for future generations and to facilitate access to the general public, through the restoration, consolidation and rehabilitation of historical buildings - Cinema Victoria - for adapting Intercultural Workshop "Victoria", a multifunctional space for organizing social, cultural events oriented mainly toward the promotion of interculturalism.

This general objective can be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  • Protection of cultural heritage in Slatina, through restoration, consolidation and rehabilitation of historical buildings - Cinema Victoria – by the end of project
  • Enhancing the cultural heritage in Slatina by returning a public heritage building for cultural and social activities and creating Victoria Intercultural Workshop by the end of the project
  • Community development through increased attraction of Slatina for tourist, especially for cultural tourism due to the restoration of heritage building and to the modern equipment of it and implement a development strategy focused on international cooperation and interculturalism, for at least five years after project completion
  • Conservation and putting to good use the heritage of the Roma community in order to strengthen its cultural identity through: integration into the opening event of the Victoria Intercultural Workshop of artistic moments held by Roma artists (including descendants of the famous minstrel Lica Militaru) and establishing by the plan strategic development for minimum 5 years from the completion of the project the 8th of April the day dedicated exclusively to the Roma community cultural events and for the celebration of international Roma day
  • Putting to good use the heritage of ethnic and cultural minorities by setting the strategic goals in the strategic development plan for minimum five years after project completion
  • Strengthening bilateral relations between cultural operators from Romania and from the donor countries on cultural heritage


  1. Ending the construction design and obtaining all necessary permits
  • Technical project
  • Obtain building permit and other permits and authorizations required
  1. Completion of the construction and installation
  • Carrying out procurement procedures
  • Awarding the contract to build and site supervision
  • Construction and installation works related to the building
  • Landscape development
  • Reception of building works
  1. Purchase and installation of equipment
  • Carrying out procurement procedures
  • Awarding the contract purchase and installation of equipment
  • Equipment for Intercultural Workshop
  • Equipment reception
  1. Developming strategic development plan
  • Conducting procurement procedures and contracting services
  • Develop strategic development plan
  • Reception of the strategic development plan
  1. Undergoing a study visit
  2. Promotion and enhancement of the results
  • Photo Exhibition - "Slatina, our home"
  • Fiddler music show
  • Workshop on issues of international cultural cooperation and intercultural
  • Theater
  • Theme ball - "Romania in the interwar period"
  • Silent film projection
  • Evening dance
  1. Project management
  • Procurement management
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Information and publicity
  1. Final audit of the project

Project Duration:

17 months

Current Status: