The Victoria Intercultural Atelier celebrated the International Rroma Day


The “International Rroma Day” festival (April 8th), a foreseen activity in the Strategic Development Plan for the Victoria Intercultural Atelier, took place Friday the 21st of April, in Slatina.
Although it did not take place on April 8th, the Department for Culture and Sport postponed the date of the festival due to the long discussions on the budget and its approval and because of the procurement procedures stated by national legislation.

However, all of these did not prevent public participation at this show of rroma culture and art.

The event was structured into two sections:

  • The exhibition: in the basement of the the Victoria Intercultural Atelier, the exhibition hall hosted the works of Mr. Prof. Curt Sandu Viorel, the chairman of the of the Pro-Europe Rroma Party Association, Olt branch.
  • The show: in the multifunctional hall, Slatina Municipality welcomed over 60 spectators with songs by artists of the Vocess Primavaera Association: Rroma folklore in both Romanian and Rroma language, internationally renowned songs translated into Rroma language and interpretations of Rroma artists.

Concluding of the event, the vice president of the Vocess Primavaera Association, Mr. Fieraru Marius, did not hesitate to declare: “I am proud to be Rroma.”

The occurrence of the event in local media:

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